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St. Louis Limos - A Perfect Touch Limousine - St. Louis, MO
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All Perfect Touch Limousines are white, and Non-Smoking

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6-8 Passegner Lincoln
6-8 Passengers

This is unit 16 our 6-8 Passenger White Lincoln Town Car. If you have a small group this is the ideal Limo for your group. The Limo comes with fully tinted windows, privacy window between the passengers and the chauffer, mirrored ceilings and mirrored bars, it also come with fiber optic lighting and a 5th door on the passenger side that opens for the convince of passengers entering and exiting the Limo. The Interior colors are black and light grey seats with black carpet. The Limo also has AM Fm CD DVD Player with an Auxiliary cord to plug into your phone to play your own music if you wish. For all 3 or more hourly rentals we provide rock glasses, stem ware, Ice and bottled Water. Just like our other vehicles the statement 6-8 passenger always depends on the size of the guests and how close they sit next to each other this will determine comfortably of this Limo. Some customers may want a larger vehicle for comfort.

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8-10 Passenger Lincoln Stretch
10 Passengers

This is our 8-10 Passenger White Lincoln Town car, this Limo has what is called a 5th door, and it opens on the passenger side to add extra ease on entering and exiting the Limousine. This is especially convenient for Wedding Rentals; the interior color of this Limo is gray. This Limo also has mirrored ceilings and bars with six color fiber optic lighting, an ice chest and 2 Champaign buckets. This Limo also has Am-Fm Cd Dvd with a Aux Port to connect to play your music, privacy window and Intercom to your driver. All 3 or more hour Limo Rentals come with bottled water, Rock Glasses and Stem Ware.

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10-12 Passenger Lincoln Town Car Stretch
12 Passengers

Our 10-12 passenger Lincoln Town Car is White on the exterior of the Limo, also on the exterior it has what is called a long window, one continuous window down both sides of the car, which adds a really cool look to this Limo. On the Inside the seats are Grey with Red Accents, it has real wood grain bar tops with three ice chests and one champagne bucket. Also on the interior there are mirrored ceilings and bars with six color fiber optic lighting, 100’s of pinholes called Star Gazers that change six different colors as well. The Limo also comes with Am Fm Cd Dvd player with a cord to hook up to your cell phone to play your music if you wish and a monitor to view Dvds, privacy divider and intercom to speak with the Limo driver. Rent for 3 or more hours and we will provide Rock Glasses, Stem Ware, Bottled Water and Ice.

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10-12 Passenger Chrysler 300
1-12 Passengers

10-12 Passenger Chrysler 300 Limo, this car is the Factory Vanilla in color on the exterior with a custom Bentley Style grill that adds a great look to this Limo. The interior color of the Limo is black with Champaign color inserts and has mirrored ceiling with tons of little star gazers that change 6 different colors, this is also true for the bar backs. Also in this Limo there is a laser light that makes several different patterns, Am Fm Cd Dvd player with an auxiliary cord to plug your phone in to play your music. There are 3 Ice chests in the Limo as well as one champagne bucket for your beverages. If you rent 3 or more hours of service we will provide Rock Glasses, Stem Ware and Bottled Water.

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12-14 Passenger Lincoln Stretch
14 Passengers

We call this one the Leer Jet Limo, as you can see it has 8 Leer Jet style windows down the driver and passenger side of the Limo, the exterior color is White, on the interior the seats are black with dark purple inserts. Some of the amenities in this Limo are full length mirrored Ceilings with fiber optic strips and Star Gazers that change 6 different colors, the bars are Black Onyx with 4 Ice wells and 2 Champaign buckets. Also on the interior of this Limo we have Am Fm Cd Dvd with monitors to view your Dvd’s as well as an auxiliary port to listen you your own music with your cell phone or IPods, Laser Lights, Lighting Dishes and privacy window as well as an Intercom to speak with the Limo driver. Bottled water, Ice, Rock Glasses and stem ware are provided on all 3 or more hourly rentals.

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14-16 Passenger Cadillac Escalade
16 Passengers

If you are looking for the WOW factor well you want to rent this 14-16 Passenger White Cadillac Escalade, just like our Lincoln Town car Limo this Escalade has a one piece seamless window down each side of the Limo giving it that extra-long look. The interior of the Limo is where the party begins; it has a light up floor that changes 6 different colors, color wash ceiling that changes 6 different colors as well, hundreds of Star gazers in the bar and divider panel that changes 6 different colors. The seats are Black accented with Blue streaks. In the bars there are 2 Ice bins and 2 champagne buckets Am Fm Cd Dvd Player with 5 monitors to view your Cd’s as well as an Au Cord to listen to your music. On every 3 hour more hour rental we will provide Rock Glasses, Stemware, Ice and Bottled Water.

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16-18 Passenger Cadillac Escalade
1-18 Passengers

This one is called the Tuxedo Limo; this 16-18 Passenger Cadillac Escalade has a body color of White with a Black Cambria top. On the inside of this Limo it follows the same theme, black seats with white inserts, it also has mirrored ceilings and bars with Six Color Fiber Optic Lighting, 100’s of Star Gazers in the Bar and Ceiling. We have an Am Fm Cd Dvd Player with an Auxiliary port for your convenience to play your own music from your phone or IPod. In the bar we have 3 Ice chests and 2 champagne wells to keep your drinks cold, 18 Rock Glasses and 18 Champagne Glasses and Intercom to your Limo driver. When you rent this Limo for 3 or more hours we will provide Bottled Water and Ice. This is a great car for Weddings and Prom rentals.

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23-25 Passenger H2 Hummer
25 Passengers

The Hummer 23-25 passenger, this is the longest single axel H2 Hummer Limo in St. Louis, the exterior is White and has that one piece long window down each side of the Limo to give it that extra-long look. On the Inside of this Limo the seats are Silver and Gold, it has a full length stainless steel mirrored ceiling with 6 color fiber optic lighting as well as hundreds of pinholes called Star Gazers that change different colors. The bars also have the Star Gazers as well as 4 Ice Chests and 2 Champagne buckets to hold your favorite beverages. For all 3 or more hourly rentals we provide Rock Glasses, Stemware, Ice and Bottled Water.

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St. Louis Limos - A Perfect Touch Limousine - St. Louis, MO
All Perfect Touch Limousines are White, & Non-Smoking. They come with Bottled Water, Glasses and Ice for all 3 or more hour service rentals. All Perfect Touch Limousine Chauffeurs are Prompt, Well Mannered, attired in either Business Suits or Tuxedos.

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