Company History & Info

About A Perfect Touch

A Perfect Touch Limo and Party Bus provides transportation services for all kinds of special events. Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties, Rehearsal Dinners,Weddings, High School Dances, Special Occasions, Night Outs, Wineries, Holiday Light Tours, Bar Mitzvahs, Business/Corporate Events, & Concerts. Any occasion you can come up with, we will take you out and celebrate Limo Style.

Our History

A Perfect Touch Limo and Party Bus was started in 1992 by Jackie and Joan. They went out and bought two used Limousines- one 1988 white 10 passenger Limo and one 1988 Black 6 passenger Limo. The new startup Limousine business was given to a husband and wife team by the name of David and Melissa. They ran the Limo business for the first year and as for any new business struggled to stay alive.

After the first year, Joan and Jackie decided to give the company to Jeff and Julie, a brother and sister team. They ran the Limo company for 4-5 years and continued to increase the inventory. This is the time the business really started taking off.&In 1998, Julie had to leave the company so they hired Karen on to the team to take her place.

They then acquired Andretti Limousine, a company with two cars and a small business and bought a few more Limos and Party Buses. Over the next few years, they built up their fleet to where they are today.

A Perfect Touch has based their Limousine business on great customer service, great drivers, and nice equipment. They continue to acquire new customers and bring back many repeat&satisfied customers.

About Our Limousines & Party Busses

A Perfect Touch Limousine only purchases new Limos and Party Busses. We feel that when buying new Limos and Party Busses our customers get the latest technology, not someone else’s used equipment that could break down and leave you stranded or not even show up at all.

We also feel by running new Limos the amount of downtime is dramatically reduced. We design each of our Limos and Party Busses that we buy. From the length of each Limo to bar design, headliner design, seat configuration, interior and exterior colors, and amenities. We usually fully load each Limo with all the options available.

The biggest advantage of buying new limos and Party Busses is the repeat business we get. All Limo companies are pretty much the same price, why not have a new Limo? We purchase a new Limo or Party Bus every four months. We are not adding to our fleet, just continually replacing our cars. The average use of our Limos and Party Buses are two and a half years, thus allowing us to sell our used cars at a good price to other local companies.

About Our Chauffeurs

A Perfect Touch Limo knows what it takes to have a good chauffeur. We currently have 18, some of which have been with us for 10+ years. All of our drivers come with experience and our knowledgeable of the St. Louis and the surrounding area. Our drivers are properly licensed for the Limo or Party Bus they drive and department of transportation certified. All drivers are drug tested and alcohol tested per the department of transportation regulations. We do not put ads in the paper for drivers; all of our drivers come by word of mouth. Most drivers have come from other companies in the area.

We pay our drivers very well, they get $8.00 an hour plus the 15% of the total bill. Some of our drivers make up to $63.00 an hour. We pay them well so they take care of our customers and equipment, so they do not have their hand out at the end of the job, and they provide our customers with excellent service. You may give our drivers additional gratuities if you feel they did a great job, but it is not expected.