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We have a great group of Limo and Party Bus Drivers that will make your special event a Memorable Occasion. Read below to learn more about the management team and drivers that will be taking care of you on your special day.


Jeff E.

Hired: October 1992 License: CDL with Passenger Endorsement

Jeff was the first one along with his sister to run the Limo company. He is responsible for the day to day operations of this company.

Karen E.

Hired: April 1998 License: Chauffer

Karen is the office manager, she manages all accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll and as well as answering the telephone and scheduling of limousines and Party Buses. And she puts up with the rest of us.

Dennis E.

Hired: April 1995 License: CDL with Passenger Endorsement

Dennis has been with us since almost day one. He is a Limo Driver, Party Bus Driver, Assistant Manager, and works in the office 5 days a week. Dennis takes care of the business when Jeff, the General Manger, is out of town. He is a great asset to this company.

Steve G.

Hired: March 2000 License: Chauffeur License

Steve is a great asset to our company, not only is he a Limo driver, he is the shop manager. Also, he answers phones as well as meet customers to show our Limousines and Party Buses.


Warren S.

Hired: June 2006 License: CDL with Passenger Endorsement

Warren was also hired away from another local Limousine company. He has a great disposition for driving Limousines and Party Buses, we are glad to have him with our company.

Thaddeus T

Hired: October 2017 License: CDL B with P Endorsement

We hooked up with Thaddeus through another one of our Limo and Party Bus drivers as he drives school buses during the day with her. Thaddues drives our Limo and Party Buses and we are glad to have him.

Tammy H.

Hired: March 2015 License: CDL

We found Tammy through one of our vendors, she is a school bus driver during the week and drives for us on the weekend. We are very pleased with her work so far and look forward to having her around for a long time.

Roy B.

Hired: January 2000 License: Chauffeur License

Roy is a great driver to have on our staff. Not only is he a good Limo driver, he keeps a Limousine at his house and will drop what he is doing and head right out on a job when we need him.

Ronnie M.

Hired: June 2000 License: CDL with Passenger Endorsement

Ronnie was hired when her family decided to sell off their Limousine company. She is a great driver and we get lots of compliments on her. We can always count on her to do an excellent job. She is licensed to drive Limos and Party Buses.

Richard E.

Hired: May 2018 License: CDL B with P Endorsement

Richard drives or Party Buses and Limos for us on the weekends and has a regular job during the week with Coca-Cola. We are glad to have him and he does a great job for us.

Rich T.

Hired: January 2005 License: Class E

Rich has worked for us for several years, never turns down work and does a great job. Rich is licensed to drive our Limousines.

Renee T.

Hired: October 2015 License: CDL A with a P Endorsement

Renee is a school bus driver during the week and drives our Limousines and Party Buses on the weekends. She does a great job and we are glad to have her.

Patricia W.

Hired: November 2017 License: CDL B with P Endorsement

Trish came to us looking for some extra money, she used to be a school bus driver and is now driving our Limos and Party Buses for us on the weekends and doing a great job.

Lenny H.

Hired: September 2013 License: CDL

Lenny is a great employee takes care of our customers and equipment. Lenny is more of a part-time employee but if we need him we just have to call and usually, he will help us out. Lenny is licensed to drive our Limousines.

Jeff P.

Hired: April 2018 License: CDL B with S Endorsement

Jeff came to us looking for work, he is a school bus driver for his regular job during the week, and on weekends he drives our Limos and Party Buses, so far he is doing a great job for us.

James B.

Hired: June 2006 License: CDL with Passenger Endorsement

James also came to us from another Limousine company. He was looking for a company that would appreciate his hard work and treat their employees fairly. We are that company and we’re glad to have him. He can drive Limos or Party Buses.

Jacob A.

Hired: November 2012 License: Class E

Jacob came to us on a cold call, we had him in for an interview and hired him. So far it has worked out for us. Jake is licensed to drive our Limos.

Frank M.

Hired: July 2018 License: CDL A with P Endorsement

Frank is a new hire he will be driving our Party Buses and Limos and we look forward to him taking care of our customers.

David M.

Hired: November 2011 License: CDL With Passenger Endorsement

David is a great Employee. He can drive Limos or Party Buses and he takes care of our passengers and Equipment.

Andre B.

Hired: September 2003 License: CDL with Passenger Endorsement

Andre is another one of our great chauffeurs that has been with us for a long time. Andre drives Limo and Party Buses. Andre always shows up for work on time, takes care of our customers, and is always well dressed.