Denali Stretch Limousine

20-22 Passengers • Limousine T-4

This is our brand new 22 passenger Denali Stretch Limousine. It is white on the exterior with one long window running down each side to make it look even longer and black and grey on the inside. We have added a fifth door to make entry and exit much easier for our customers. The Limo has a color wash floor, privacy divider, ceiling, and bar. Color wash is the latest trend in our industry and means all of the above will change six different colors. This unit also comes with an AM/FM/CD/DVD player with an auxiliary cord to play your own music. All rentals for more than three hours come with rock glasses, stemware, bottled water, and ice. Just like our other vehicles, the statement “20-22 passenger” depends on the size of the guests and how close they sit next to each other. Some customers may want a larger vehicle for comfort.

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