Sample Rental Terms

This is just for informational purposes only. Please refer to your individual policy page as policies do change. Subject to change.



If the rental date is within the next 30 days, a credit card will be used to hold the contracted rental amount. This is not a sale, just an authorization. Also, keep in mind this may tie up your funds based on your credit card company’s policy. If the rental date is 31 or more days out, we require a 50% deposit to hold the vehicle. At the time of service, Cash, Money Order, or Credit Card can pay the balance due. (Credit Card Must be present at Time of Service and must be printable).

A 20% service fee has been added to the contract which includes 15% for the chauffeur and 5% for fuel. The date, vehicle, or times of service cannot be changed once service is contracted (No Exceptions). Only additional time can be added (If Available) to the initially scheduled time. If a pickup point or final drop off location is not in the general St. Louis, St. Charles, St. Peters, O’Fallon, or Wentzville areas, drive time charges will be added (No Exceptions).

Eating & Smoking:

We strictly prohibit smoking in all of our vehicles. If smoking occurs during the run, you will be charged $200, the run will be terminated, and no refund will be given. Eating is allowed; however, if there is any evidence of food in the vehicle after your run is over, you will be charged a $200 clean up fee.

Vehicle Use:

  • The driver can refuse to drive people who were not in the original party or to certain areas.
  • Insurance regulations will not allow more passengers than the stated seating capacity. Size of passengers will determine their comfortability. The manufacturer and our insurance determine our max capacity.
  • No decorations or tape will be allowed on the vehicle.
  • We seal our moonroofs for your safety.
  • Any three or more hour rentals come with bottled water, rock glasses, champagne glasses, and ice.
  • All cars have air conditioning, but we cannot be held responsible for heat over 94 degrees heat index.
  • Items left in the vehicle are not our responsibility.
  • If there is a mechanical breakdown, we have the right to supply another vehicle, if feasible. If not, we will refund unused time. Any additional cost for you to secure another vehicle with another company is not our responsibility.
  • Traffic situations are beyond our control. Once service has started any extra time incurred will be charged to the card provided.
  • The driver will terminate service for any of the following or similar acts:
    • Drug use
    • Minors with alcohol
    • Excessive stereo volume
    • Tampering with the vehicle
    • Foot stomping
    • Window pounding
    • Opening of doors while the vehicle is in motion 
    • Rocking the vehicle
    • Screaming
    • Hanging out the window
    • Throwing trash out the window
    • Insulting pedestrians or people in other vehicles
    • Threats to the driver or against the limo (even jokingly)
    • Climbing or sitting on the vehicle
    • Disrespecting the driver or vehicle
    • No guns or knives are allowed at any time.

There will be no refund for terminated services. 

Alcohol & Drugs:

Alcohol is not allowed in the car if minors are present unless it’s a wedding party or parents are present, and as long as they don’t let them drink. We prohibit kegs of any kind, as well as Jell-O shots (No Exceptions). We do not tolerate the use of drugs. And we will not ignore the laws. Violation of the law will require police involvement.

Unchaperoned Minors:

If the party includes unchaperoned minors, you must provide, when signing the contract, the name and phone number of an adult who can be reached during service. We will contact that adult if an emergency occurs. If anyone in the party violates any of the terms of use, the driver will immediately reach the adult. If the driver decides to take everyone to one location, they will attempt to inform the adult.

Damages & Additional Charges:

Any and all damages caused by anyone in the Customer’s party is their responsibility. The Customer must provide an open credit card imprint for damages. A $200.00 authorization will be placed to cover damages or additional charges. If no extra charges occur, the fee will automatically fall off. 

Damages include:

  • A charge of $200 per occasion for bodily fluids in or on the vehicle
  • A $200 clean up charge for trash, heavy spillage, or food in the interior
  • A fee of $10 per broken or missing glass 
  • A charge of $200 for smoking in vehicle or damages to the vehicle

You agree that charges for damages can be placed on the card and the run can be terminated with no refund if policies are broken.

Additional Time:

A request for extra time during the trip must be made to the driver. Additional hours are at the driver’s discretion. We must receive payment at the time of the request, either in cash or by credit card on file. The service fee is 25% for the additional time. 

Cancellation Policy:

If the customer cancels services 14 or more days before the service date, they are responsible for 50% of the total charges. If canceled 13 days or less before the service date, the customer is responsible for the full amount of the expenses. We must receive the cancellation in writing before the cut off time. (No Exceptions). 

I have read the foregoing Terms and agree to comply: __________________________________

This is just for informational purposes only, please refer to your individual Limo or Party Bus policy page as policies do change. Subject to change.